Meadowside apartment complex approved

The Planning and Zoning Board voted 7-1 to approve a nine-unit apartment complex at 328 Meadowside Rd., plans that were filed under the state’s affordable housing law, 8-30(g).

Jim Quish made the motion to approve the project with conditions, which included removal of one building containing three units in an effort to create a space for cars to turn around on the property. The proposal initially called for a 12-unit apartment complex.

Carl Moore was the lone vote against the approval, saying that he felt the removal of the building would lead to an appeal from the applicant.

Following the decision, attorney Thomas Lynch said that his client Beachland LLC would definitely challenge the approval due to the loss of the building. He said he plans to meet with them to decide what form that challenge would take. The two options would be to resubmit the plans or file an appeal in Superior Court.

The board also approved a modified version of an application for an auto repossession yard on Shelland Street.

The board approved the yard and building, but removed a request for two outside storage containers on the property.  Again the vote was 7–1 and again Moore was the sole board member in opposition.