Mayor comments on cleanup efforts in Milford: Extra contractors are helping clear roads

Following is a letter from Mayor Ben Blake to residents, concerning the storm and cleanup.

Our Public Works employees, as well as our contractors, continue to operate all 22 plow routes on a 24 hour basis. At this point, Milford has plowed all primary thoroughfares and is working on secondary streets and side streets. Fire and Police will respond to all emergencies and walk in if necessary with an assigned city plow vehicle to open up the road on a case by case basis.

Every effort is being made to open up all city streets. We have enlisted additional contractors, and have requested assistance from the State for additional equipment. Given this unprecedented snow storm, clean up efforts will require additional time, resources, and multiple pieces of equipment working together to effectively clear our city streets.

Please check on and/ or assist your neighbors, especially the elderly, to make sure they are okay and managing during this extraordinary event.

Residents and business owners should be aware of the snow load on their roofs and take precautions for additional weight from rain or future snow storms. And, as always, we would appreciate any help you can give us with uncovering fire hydrants whenever possible.

City schools are closed tomorrow, and trash pickup is cancelled for Monday Feb. 11 as all resources are committed to our number one priority, which is opening up our City streets.

Mayor Ben Blake