Mayor applauds new senior tax relief

Following Monday's Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor Ben Blake issued a press release congratulating Milford's aldermen for adopting a new ordinance that improves property tax relief for the elderly and disabled.

In 2008, the Senior Tax Relief Study Committee helped create Milford's local tax credit benefit. Blake praised the committee’s work but said that "after four years, it was prudent to modify and improve our senior tax relief program so that we ensure those seniors who have made our city great aren't driven from their homes while guaranteeing a fair and equitable tax structure for all Milford residents.”
Blake submitted a proposal to reform the program by increasing the number of Milford's senior citizens and disabled who will qualify for tax relief. The aldermen's unanimous approval of the reform means that over 100 more seniors will qualify.
Applications for the Tax Credit programs are available at the assessor's office at the Parson's Government Complex, and the filing period is Feb. 1, 2013 through May 15, 2013.