Maroney champions legislation to support early dementia detection

Legislation state Sen. James Maroney (D-Milford) championed which will ensure doctors and nurses across the state are better equipped to detect the signs of dementia early on was signed into law by Gov. Ned Lamont.

Maroney co-chairs the Aging Committee and said early detection is the key to helping those with Alzheimer’s and dementia lead long, comfortable lives.

“This legislation is really about people,” said Sen. Maroney. “Everyone knows someone, or even has a family member, who has been impacted by Alzheimer’s. This is especially true in Connecticut, where we have the seventh oldest population in the country. With no cure for Alzheimer’s, it is imperative that we detect the signs of this disease earlier, enabling us to improve the quality of life of those with this disease. This legislation makes great progress towards ensuring just that.”

Public Act 19-115 adds dementia training to the continuing education component for doctors and nurses in Connecticut, helping them recognize the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in patients.

Additionally, this law authorizes an update of the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Plan, which creates the infrastructure and accountability necessary to build dementia-capable programs for the 78,000 people living in Connecticut with Alzheimer’s.

The Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association thanked lawmakers for their work on this bill. Maroney said the state’s Alzheimer’s Association has done incredible work itself, leading to the passage of this law.