Man and dog rescued from icy pond (video)

Click here for video of rescue. Video credit Bruce McManus.
Milford police and firefighters rescued a local man and his dog Tuesday after they fell through the ice of a city pond.
The man fell through the ice-covered pond while attempting to rescue his dog Tuesday morning, firefighters said.
“The incident occurred at Eisenhower Park where the man was taking a walk with his dog,” said Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi. “The canine had spotted a team of ducks on the frozen pond and began chase. The dog fell through an area of thin ice and was struggling to swim back to dry ground.
“The dog's owner then attempted to navigate the ice in desperation to rescue his pet,” Fabrizi said. “He ultimately fell through the thin layer of unstable ice, which could not support his weight.”
Bystanders who witnessed the event immediately called 911 for assistance. Milford police arrived on the scene and helped the man out of the water after he was overcome by the frigid temperature. Milford firefighters arrived in specially designed cold water rescue suits and entered the water to rescue the dog.
Both the man and his dog were treated for cold water exposure and hypothermia by fire department paramedics. The man was transported to Milford Hospital for evaluation while his dog was brought to a local veterinarian for treatment.
“The Milford Fire Department reminds everyone to avoid walking on any ice covered bodies of water,” Fabrizi said. “Fluctuating temperatures render the ice very weak creating a hazardous condition.”