Make-A-Wish answers the pipes' call to Ireland

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Peter Monks of Trumbull was enjoying a picnic with his family when he received a blow to his abdomen that resulted in his being rushed to the hospital. During medical treatments for his injury, Peter’s family learned he had a cancerous tumor.

At only 8 years old, Peter’s whole life had changed.

Peter has always been proud of his Irish heritage and plays the bagpipes as a way to stay connected to his family’s roots. It was thanks to the countless stories his grandfather has shared with him about Ireland and their family’s history that Peter has always dreamed of one day traveling to his family’s homeland. So when Peter was asked by Make-A-Wish volunteers what his one true wish would be, he knew this was his chance. Peter wished to go to Ireland.

Peter and his family knew that a trip of this caliber would take time to plan, so Peter had no idea when his school community rallied together to give him a great surprise. At a school assembly in late March, Peter’s principal announced that the Fairfield Gaelic Pipe Band was going to play the bagpipes and drums for the students. After a short concert, one of the bagpipe players and Peter’s bagpipe teacher called Peter up on stage, in the hope that he would join them and play.

Peter proudly played a short song, during which he was then surprised with his family joining him on stage. His volunteer wish granters brought out balloons and a sign that read, “Your wish has been granted. You’re going to Ireland!” The room filled with cheers and applause from faculty and students.

Peter’s mother was brought to tears while thanking the students and faculty for the overwhelming support. Peter’s entire family is thrilled to see that Peter’s wish will come true when he travels to Ireland this summer.

“We’re really looking forward to the trip to Ireland,” Peter’s father said. “We really are grateful to the people at Make-A-Wish, Trumbull Public Schools, and the people of Trumbull and Fairfield who came together and made this day really special for Peter.”

Peter and his family will be taken to the airport in a limousine and fly off to Ireland, where they will tour castles in the Irish countryside and visit the capital city of Ireland, Dublin.

The trip Peter always dreamed of one day taking will finally come true.

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