MEPI continues fund applications, welcomes donations

Volunteers Tom Barrell and Tow Romick made these bluebird boxes that were placed in Eisenhower Park.

Volunteers Tom Barrell and Tow Romick made these bluebird boxes that were placed in Eisenhower Park.

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Below is a release submitted by Milford Environmental Protection Initiative (MEPI).

Milford Environmental Protection Initiative (MEPI) is a community nonprofit that provides grants for projects that protect, preserve and enhance the environment in Milford.

Each year we raise money to support our organization’s work of grant making with the sale of quilt raffle tickets and calendars, typically in high personal-contact settings of community festivals and farmers markets. For the safety of the public and our members, Milford Environmental Protection Initiative (MEPI) has decided to postpone indefinitely the sale of our quilt raffle tickets. We will miss this opportunity to interact with our local friends and supporters, old and new, and to fundraise for our grant making efforts.

However, MEPI will continue to fund applications from people with projects that protect, preserve and enhance our environment and seek money to enable us to continue funding more projects.

Examples of projects MEPI would like to fund:

· Outdoor environmental education that incorporates masks and social distancing

· Online environmental education programs for teachers and parents

· Lessons for parents and children on how to plant organic vegetable gardens

· Citizen research on wildlife populations in Milford, e.g. birds, bees, butterfly, mammals, reptiles, etc.

· Habitat enhancement for Milford wildlife

· Tips on how to reuse, recycle and reduce the amount of single-use disposable waste produced as a result of COVID-19

· Invasive species control

· Your own idea!

Examples of projects MEPI has funded:

· Tree planting

· Rain garden and pollinator garden construction

· Monofilament fishing line receptacles

· Horseshoe crab studies

· Nature books for the Children’s library

· Nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds

Funding to support our grant making:

The quilt raffle and calendar sales have been MEPI’s major sources of fundraising and without them we will be stretching our existing dollars. To keep environmental projects in Milford moving forward, we welcome donations to support our on-going efforts.

For more examples of MEPI projects, grant application forms, and information about how you can make a donation visit

MEPI encourages all of us to act as a community and for our community at this time of so much anxiety and isolation. The importance of the natural environment to our health and well-being is more evident now than ever. By doing what we can to protect, preserve and enhance our environment and its natural resources, we can enjoy nature now and even more in the future.