Los Cabos brings Mexican cuisine to downtown Milford

Los Cabos Snacks & Go is a new restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine in downtown Milford, and after about six weeks the eatery is getting positive reviews.

“There are a lot of options and you get to choose what gets put on the tacos (i.e. lettuce, sour cream, etc.), I appreciated the customization option,” said Michael D. on Yelp.

Patricia G. had this to say on Yelp: “It offers fresh tacos and empanadas for a great price. There is no indoor seating area so you can either carry-out or dine in their small sidewalk seating area. Everything is made to order and the empanadas were homemade.”

Danny Wilhelm, who owns Los Cabos with his wife, Yessica, said the couple looked around Milford with family for a place to open up the restaurant, and were pleased to find the downtown location at 35 River Street, most recently occupied by Brats on a Bun.

“We love Milford and we’re residents of Milford our whole lives, so what better place than downtown?” Wilhelm said.

He is confident in the new restaurant and is working hard to make it a Milford mainstay.

The menu includes breakfast items like Huevos a la Mexican; wraps, including egg and cheese; breakfast burritos, plus lunch and dinnertime staples like tacos, tortas, fajitas, quesadillas, frozen drinks and more.

“I hope more people show up here so they can see what we can bring to Milford. We’re a good family. It’s a family-owned business,” Wilhelm said.

Although this Mexican restaurant was not open for the whole summer, the workers are very pleased with their reception so far.

“I think we did pretty well considering we started halfway in the summer,” said Yessica Wilhelm. “I think it has been pretty successful.”

The Los Cabos staff is also pleased.

“It’s really enjoyable; I get to meet new people. It’s a nice atmosphere and the customers are really nice,” said cook and front end service worker José Trujillo.

Los Cabos is definitely an ideal place to eat on a warm, sunny day. There are tables outside. Wilhelm said there is also a possibility of getting a heating structure outside to keep the customers warm and comfortable on cooler days.

Inside is awash with rich colors. Wilhelm said that as a family with Mexican roots, they like to have bright colors that catch the eye. There are also homemade plates inside that are from Mexico.

Of course, the best part of Los Cabos is the food, and according to Danny Wilhelm, the burritos and tacos are the most popular items on the menu. He said the cooks tenderize the meat and everything is made fresh. While the customers wait for their food, they can see the cooks making it on the stove.

“The customers like it when they are watching us make it because in most restaurants, you don’t see them making the food,” he said.

The Chorizo, Wilhelm said, is the most popular taco at Los Cabos.

“It’s a good Mexican sausage, it’s spicy. A lot of people want spicy around here, I’ve noticed. So we’re going to give them the hottest taco we have.”

The downtown eatery is open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays, and it is closed on Sundays.

Wilhelm is planning on making his business more convenient for commuters by opening the doors at 5:30 in the morning and selling pre-made sandwiches and coffee.

He thinks the restaurant will do well this fall and winter because there is hot food, and the eatery will start serving soup.

“We’re going to have Mexican soup and carry out items. So anytime someone wants to have something fast, we do it right there and then,” Wilhelm said.

According to Danny and Yessica Wilhelm, there will be tortilla soup, which has a little spice to it. There are also black beans for the soup; this is a traditional recipe in Mexico. Last, but not least, customers can enjoy Pozole, another popular soup in Mexico that contains Mexican chicken and pork with hominy (According to the kitchn.com, hominy is produced from whole kernels of corn.)

“It’s probably the most amazing soup you’ll have,” said Danny Wilhelm.

Yessica Wilhelm has always wanted to have her own restaurant and she is very grateful that she is able to now have one.

“This has always been our dream; I think it’s going to work out pretty well,” Yessica said.

“I know we’re unique, we’re a little different, and were hoping to win Milford over,” she added.