Local moms speak out on their fight for medical marijuana for kids

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This week, April 6, we're hear from two local mothers, part of a larger group of parents advocating for passage of a bill that will amend Connecticut's medical marijuana law, allowing use for children with serious medical issues.  Trumbull mother Joy O'Meara and Wilton mother Dana Haddox-Wright are in studio, advocating for House Bill 5450, allowing some children to be prescribed medical marijuana in oil or liquid form.

Of the 23 states with medical marijuana laws, Connecticut is the only one that doesn't allow its use for children.

Haddox Wright's daughter, Ella, suffers from Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic epileptic brain dysfunction that causes her to have uncontrolled seizures. Ella is on three medications and two supplements, totaling 15 pills each day, the side effects of which include permanent brain damage, aggressive behavior and loss of liver, kidney, and pancreatic functions.

O'Meara's son Jamison is severely delayed due to seizures that started when he was 18 months old. His seizures have failed to come under control with treatment, despite his taking five different medications four times a day through his feeding tube.

Both parents believe the research on medical marijuana speaks for itself. They talk about the potential benefits, the common misconceptions about medical cannabis and address the detractors of the bill.

O'Meara and Haddox-Wright are looking for support for the bill and let people know how they can contact their legislators to make their voices heard. The Public Health Committee voted 20-7 to move the bill on to the House and Senate for vote.

You can find out more about their cause on Facebook at Medical Cannabis for Kids in CT.

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