Local couple leaves 9 to 5 jobs to travel the world

Christopher and Angela Dowin decided to take time off from work and travel the world.

The two grew up in Milford, went on to earn their college degrees and secure jobs before taking a new course.

Christopher works for a company in Florida, and his employer offered to let him work from wherever he is in the world, according to his grandfather, Richard Dowin, who lives in Milford.

The two young twenty-somethings are documenting their journey through a website called The Nomadic Lifestyle.

The former Jonathan Law High School students travel full-time and through their blog they hope to inspire others to travel and see what the world has to offer by sharing their experiences, tips and tricks of wan-dering.

Angela (Iaffaldano) Dowin and Christopher Dowin sold all of their belongings, rented out their home and packed what they needed into two backpacks and started their journey almost two months ago. The Dowins always had the travel bug and were constantly taking trips around the U.S. every chance they had. After taking several road trips along the East Coast of the USA, a trip to California, and a few of trips to Las Vegas, they wanted more.

These were just the catalysts for their nomadic journeys, they explained in an email.

Until recently, five weeks into their journey, they were living out of their 50-liter backpacks, traveling around Europe and were renting a small apartment in Como, a small town in Northern Italy bordering Lake Como.

In a Feb. 3 posting, Angela said the couple had headed to Rome.

Wow, we are at week five already,” she wrote. “This week Chris and I said goodbye to our cozy apartment in Como and made our way to Rome. We arrived at our apartment in Rome (that we booked through AirBnB) on Saturday at around 4:30 p.m. and we love everything about the place. We will be here for two weeks before flying to Dublin for the rest of February. Our apartment has a little garden and patio in front where we can just relax in the sun that we love.”

They have only just begun, but said they already have stories of their experiences in amazing places such as The Sistine Chapel. Their adventures range from zip lining down Fremont Street in Las Vegas to ringing in the New Year in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“What we are doing is not impossible for anyone,” Angela said.

Before they decided to sell everything and travel, Angela graduated with an associate’s degree in computer programming and analysis and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Christopher has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Florida Institute of Technology. They both worked nine-to-fives jobs in cubicles for technology companies.

Today, as they travel, Christopher writes software and Angela invests all her time into The Nomadic Lifestyle website.

Together, they said, they can work and live anywhere in the world.

And along the way, they can experience the world. Their bucket list of things to do and places to see, posted on their website, includes snorkeling in the Caribbean, walking the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, touring the Colosseum in Rome, viewing DaVinci’s Last Supper fresco in Milan, and a whole lot more.

Readers can follow Angela and Christopher's adventures at nomadiclifestyle.org.