Local brewery wins three World Beer Championship medals

Southport Brewing Co. (SBC), Connecticut's oldest family owned brewery with locations in Stamford, Southport, Milford and Branford, has earned three medals from the World Beer Championship.

SBC's “Mambo Bach” received a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute, the company that operates the World Beer Championship. The Beverage Tasting Institute noted that the award winning beer had a “Nice vibrancy and flavor and balance that will be great with any food.”

SBC's “Connecticut Pale Ale,” the company's first bottled beer, received a bronze medal. The award winning beer was described as having “Aromas of toasted nuts, tahini, and edamame with a supple, dry medium body and a tangy, very grain driven finish with leafy greens like hops and earth in support.”

Mark Dasilva, head brewer of SBC, said he was very proud of winning the award, especially for the Connecticut Pale Ale.

“I could not be prouder than to have the company's first bottled beer, brewed right here in Connecticut, and available throughout the state, come away with a medal,” said Dasilva.  “It is a true honor for SBC to be recognized by the Beverage Tasting Institute.”