Little Library at Gulf Beach closes for winter

The Little Library at Gulf Beach has been closed for the season.

Friends of the Little Libraries Chair Lisa Thornell-Gargiulo said this particular Little Library will be closed because it may be hard to access in the winter.

“The Little Libraries committee has decided to close this particular Little Library until the spring, due to its location, which may suffer during the winter weather,” she said. “Even though the structure has been dry since it was installed, the committee feels that it is vulnerable to inclement winter weather and that it would be wise to err on the side of caution.”

The rest of the Little Libraries will continue to be open throughout the year.

There is one located at Walnut Beach, in front of the Firehouse Art Gallery, 81 Naugatuck Avenue.

Another Little Library is located at the YMCA, 631 Orange Avenue, off the parking lot, near the ball fields.

The Little Libraries’ Books for Commuters is located at the Milford Train Station, 1 Railroad Avenue, in the waiting room

There is also a Little Library located on East Broadway, which a resident installed and oversees.

At a recent meeting of the Friends of the Milford Library Little Libraries Committee, the stewards who are responsible for overseeing the Gulf Beach, Walnut Beach, YMCA and train station Little Library and replenishing the stock of books reported the usage since the Little Libraries opened earlier this year.

Nearly 600 books have been lent to readers since the Little Libraries opened. The most used Little Library is the one at the train station, with magazines and paperback books being the most popular items taken from this location.

“At the other Little Libraries, children’s books disappear very quickly, with young adults books also well received,” committee members said in a press release.

Paperback books are popular at all locations, and even though people don’t need to replace the books they take from the Little Libraries, many users have added books to the stock of the Little Libraries, the committee reported.

“We have had so much positive feedback from users of the Little Libraries, who are happy to have books conveniently available in their neighborhoods,” said Thornell-Gargiulo. “We are delighted that the Little Libraries have been so popular. We thank Milford Librarian Christine Angeli, Parks and Recreation Director Paul Piscitelli and the Milford Department of Public Works, who worked with us to make this project possible. Our committee will be meeting during the winter to determine new locations where we can add Little Libraries next year.“