Little League is possibly the easiest, yet most rewarding, way for residents to show community support, while at the same time having just as much fun as attending a big-league game.

The Little Leagues of Orange, Bethany and Woodbridge have been in full swing this summer. The vivacious cries of boys and girls of summer fill the warm air around the open fields.

Parents involved in the leagues already know of the great joys and rewards of rooting teams on to play their best, because no matter the score or the competition, effort and sportsmanship are what win the game in the long run.

But even for people without a direct interest in the games, there is a lot to take part in and enjoy.

Six-year-olds playing their hearts out on the baseball field is one of the more pure and awe-inspiring scenes to behold.

Every dollar spent at these games, is a dollar spent in support of town recreation and sports. That's an excellent cause, considering their importance to the development of the participating children.

Within the confines of a plot of land with a dirt infield, grass outfield, four bases, two dugouts and a pitching rubber lie diamond metaphors for what life is all about.

Life is having a pop fly fall gently into your mitt. But life is also having the next one give you a black eye.

Life is circling the bases with a one-size-too-large batting helmet rattling around on your head, blocking your vision.

Life is striking out with the bases loaded; knowing Mom or Dad will be there after the game to comfort you.

Life is standing up and patting the dirt off your pants after sliding safely home.

Life is a pig pile after a hard fought victory and a reassuring pat on the back after a close loss.

Life is congratulating the other team on a game well played.

Ballfields aren't the only place where baseball and community spirit can be seen. Until sunset on most days, groups of parents and children gather on the lawns of BOW fields to play ball and socialize. And neighborhood pickup games of some form of baseball, often with makeshift bats, balls and mitts, pop up everywhere.

Give in this summer to the temptation to relieve those days. Take in a Little League or softball game, and experience childhood all over again.