Letters to the Editor

A recent article in the New Haven Register (“Rekha Basu: These women went from marching on Washington to running for office,” Sept. 22) noted the increase in female candidates since the November presidential election. The editorial captures the essence of why I decided to run for first selectman in Orange.

After a 22-year public service career with the United Nations, I decided I should bring all the experience I have gained back to grow my hometown, Orange.

My global experience with the UN gave me strong negotiation and management skills and also taught me the art of working with all demographics, political as well as social. And, as the author stated, only by running for and winning elections can women effect lasting change.

Orange has stagnated over the last 12 years. We need a new vision and new leadership to move Orange forward, to grow our tax base, to further improve our excellent school system, and to foster an inclusive sense of community for all residents.

Our slate in Orange has a number of strong, capable women running. We believe we have the team to move Orange out of the rut in which it has been stuck for the last 12 years.

Yes, I was inspired to run after November, but my experience gives me strong credentials to be the next First Selectman of Orange.

Margaret Novicki


The Ansonia Historical Commission in conjunction with The Friends of the Ansonia Library has undertaken the enormous project of digitizing hundreds of microfiche rolls of the Evening Sentinel, the former weekly newspaper that served the Valley community for almost 100 years.

The Valley Community Foundation, recognizing that the digitization of the newspaper is instrumental in protecting and preserving the history of the lower Naugatuck Valley, informed the Historical Commission that the application for funding from their Community Grants Program was approved in the amount of $2,500.

The grant will support digitizing the Evening Sentinel from microfiche to a searchable, index-able Web format which can be viewed, studied, preserved and appreciated securely on the Internet. Twenty-five microfiche reels dating from August 1896 to October 14, 1904, were sent to Advantage Preservation of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Ansonia Historical Commission and The Friends of the Ansonia Library are grateful for the support of the Valley Community Foundation for helping to initiate the project.

We will continue to investigate other available grants and fundraising opportunities so that all the reels can be securely archived and preserved for future generations.

The Ansonia Historical Commission: Mary Gibson, chairman; Bartholomew Flaherty, vice chairman; Loisann Marazzi, secretary; Thomas P. Clifford III; Katherine Wilkins

I am responding to the letter to the editor by William Condon published on Oct. 4 in the New Haven Register.

Although I disagree with most of letter, I want to focus on one particular inaccurate fact. He claims that “atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is currently at one of its geologically lowest levels” whereas any minimal investigation will show it is at hugely high levels — 400 ppm vs a maximum of 280 ppm over the past 400,000 years.

His claim likely stems from inaccurate newspaper headlines describing an academic paper by Wolfgang Knorr in 2009. In the article Knorr stated that the evidence for the percentage of CO2 retained in the atmosphere as opposed to being absorbed by land masses and oceans has remained statistically constant over the past 160 years. Knorr did not claim that the amount of atmospheric CO2 has not increased dramatically. The inaccurate headlines which confused the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide with percentage of retained carbon dioxide were seized upon by climate change deniers.

Despite extensive debunking and retraction of the headlines, this falsehood continues to be repeated by individuals such as Condon.

Bruce Webber


There was a letter in the New Haven Register Sept. 9 that said Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts.

This claim is not new, and as a result of such claims, 13 states (Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington and Texas) have had investigations of Planned Parenthood. All found no evidence that this allegation is true, and a video circulating on the Internet was shown to be falsified. Unfortunately, it is easier to spread rumors than to spread the evidence the rumors are false.

Priscilla Dannies

New Haven

Who doesn’t love them; those spectacular bursts of color that sparkle the sky dripping with awesome beauty.

We think of our freedom and peace we have in this country and are fascinating to watch on the 4th of July; everywhere there is celebration, joy, happiness and thankfulness. However, when fireworks, bombs, crackers, etc., are set off at other unexpected times is a different story. We can’t see them and all we are able to do is hear the sudden effects of them. It is very stressful on many people and animals.

We can’t help but think of bombings, explosions, gunshots, machine guns. Is this what our loved ones hear everyday in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria? What they must be going through for the sake of our freedom. Our hope is they all come home safely. So please keep this in consideration. We can all celebrate together at the appropriate times. Thank you and God bless,

Joan Spoerndle


Milford voters/Town residents:

A big "thank you" to some real dedicated people who work hard for the city of Milford, Connecticut. Aldermen Phil Vetro, Ray Vitali, City Clerk Joanne Rohrig, the entire staff in the tax assessors and city clerks offices, Chris Saley/Director of Public Works and his entire staff. Their professionalism and sincere efforts should be recognized by all who come in contact with these fine people daily.

In the very near future, all voters will go to the polls and vote for their favorite person, best friend, or for someone they might think will do a good job representing them during their terms of service. Before you cast your ballot, consider some of these thoughts first. Will they always do what is in the best interests of the fine people of the city of Milford? Will they always consider the interests of others before they consider their own thoughts?

I think the people I have mentioned within the body of this letter will always do just that, and I encourage all you voters to vote them back into office, and be proud that they will always stand up for what is right and just for all the great people of Milford.

Jerry J. Farina


The Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Unit 15 in Milford, would like to thank all of our neighbors who donated coats and other warm items to us on Oct. 7. It was the best drive we have had and we owe it to all of you. We had groups dropping off bags of handmade hats and scarves, cars with one to 10 large bags of items. All donations were appreciated and will be given out to the men and women veterans this month. Just in time for the cool weather. A special thanks to Milford Bank, Executive Cleaners, Stop & Shop and Dollar General for allowing us to place our fliers. Thanks to Greg Smith and the VFW for spreading the word.

Hope to see you all next year.

Pam Monachelli

DAV Auxiliary, Unit 15, Milford

The Republicans’ budget sneaked in the undoing of the Citizens Election Program, as Republicans everywhere are wont to do. They don’t want limits on donations to their re-elections; they want corporations and big business to keep them winning elections, so the Republicans can do their bidding, while remaining in office forever. Whether in Washington or Connecticut, the GOP are for corporations and big business, over and above the people, inevitably. Since Ronald Reagan, their tired old “trickle-down” ideas are archaic idiocy, and have been proven over and over not to create jobs.

Good old former Gov. John Rowland, corrupt, and repeated his corruption. There are Republican leaders who are itching for the governor’s job. We need more of his ilk, yes indeed. I appreciate Malloy’s veto, stay with it, folks.

Perhaps our legislators should begin thinking about financing, and adding technical programs to our higher education institutions, to train people for the good-paying jobs that our manufacturing businesses cannot fill, as there are no skilled workers. Instead, the Republicans are trying to cut funding for higher education. Republican Senate leader Len Fasano and House Minority Leader Themis Klarides are constantly in the paper or on TV, with their nasty smirks, and Klarides squinting at us, while they whine about suspected unfairness. Grow up, and get to work, all of you in both parties, and remember, you work for us.

Sick of this stupidity in Connecticut, which is a mirror image of the mess in Washington, D.C. Obviously, none of these people ever learned simple playground manners!

Patricia Garcia

New Haven