Letters to the Editor

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher who was born 300 years before Christ, once wrote that men go into politics to make money. Check it out folks, I am not making it up.

Nothing wrong with making money, our great capitalist system gives us the wherewithal to get the finer things in life that we all enjoy, but there are times when altruistic endeavors are overwritten by politicians who desire to stay in office and do business with undemocratic leaders of other nations, as it now appears.

Jay Ambrose, op-ed columnist for the Tribune News Service, finds that the FBI director is out of order investigating the shenanigans between the Trump people and foreign officials who are obviously interfering with our election system. And, that Paul Manafort, now under indictment, was engaged in those dealings with foreign people long before he became a short-term adviser to the president.

The president’s adviser Steve Miller once was quoted as saying, “That the president’s word is law and should not be questioned.” Why bother with a Supreme Court system? Just let the president determine someone’s guilt or innocence and also the right and privilege to determine the penalty. (“Rough him up.”) The president who prides himself as having a great memory suddenly cannot remember George Papadopoulos who sat only three seats away from him as a high-level adviser, and then later refers to him as a “low-level volunteer.” Which is it?

Ambrose evidently has it in for the Clintons and liberals in general. But since Robert Mueller is “not about to go away, we need to have an all-out congressional investigation of Russia.” I will go along with Ambrose on that statement and hope Mueller’s work is “kosher.” Any interference by any foreign nation is anathema to our traditional democratic system that sustains our freedom.

Marvin Cohen