Letters to the Editor

As an animal lover, birder and environmentalist, I was appalled to read in the Thursday, Oct. 12 issue about the horrific experiments that a post doctoral student at Yale is conducting on innocent house sparrows. To add crude oil to the bird’s feed and create small wounds in these birds is an atrocity. This is the 21st century. To know that Yale University condones this by saying “that they abide by federal regulations” is no excuse. One only needs to look at one’s own conscience to know that something like this is so wrong on multiple levels. We all know that stress is not good for any human or animal. I know that animal experimentation continues, but I will continue to be vocal and express my complete disgust at anyone who condones and conducts these experiments. Scientists used to think that animals do not feel pain. We all know better now. Let us be compassionate humans and stop animal experiments. I sincerely hope that Christine Lattin and Yale University reconsider these experiments and realize that all animals are thinking, feeling creatures and deserve respect and compassion.

Beverly Propen