Letters: gun bill, election, Kaepernick, festival

Gun violence bill raises question

As fall approaches, many Connecticut moms have just transitioned their kids back to school. Ever-present in many of our minds is school safety, particularly during these first weeks of the school year. Gun violence has been pronounced this past year, something that is especially troubling for us here in Connecticut.

Another form of gun violence has come into sharper focus this year and the facts are startling: Nine U.S. women are shot to death every week by their husbands or partners.

We all know that violence perpetrated against mothers affects the children living in these households. This has devastating consequences for them and, of course, impacts the communities in which we all live.

Preventing gun violence matters to all of us here in Connecticut, including to sensible gun owners. By working together this past May, our state leaders saved lives by closing a dangerous loophole in our state law which had allowed a domestic abuser to possess a firearm while under a temporary restraining order.

In the Milford/Orange area, we are proud that our bipartisan team of state legislators voted to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. However, one team member voted “No”: Rep. Pam Staneski.

Moms from Orange like myself, Debbie Davis, Karen deFur-Maxwell, Diane Crocco, Trish Pearson, Abby Goldblatt, Erika Higgins, Edina Oestreicher, Trish Pearson, Susan Riccio and Mara Saccente have been struggling to understand why Staneski chose to protect the rights of criminals rather than fight for the women and children in her district.

As a mother herself, why isn’t Staneski constantly fighting to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people? We hope that after reading this letter, other moms will join us in asking her why.

The bill referenced above is HB 5054.

— Jody Dietch, Debbie Davis, Karen deFur‐Maxwell, Diane Crocco, Trish Pearson, Abby Goldblatt, Erika Higgins, Edina Oestreicher, Trish Pearson, Susan Riccio, Mara Saccente


Election is more than Trump or Clinton

Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Not sure? Don’t know? Don’t care?

WAIT. This election is more than a national election. This is also a state election and your vote does count. Votes for state representatives and senators count. These are people who work for you, your family and your pocketbook. They affect your life and well-being. I encourage you to vote Nov. 8 and help fix Connecticut. Your vote counts. Come and see all your friends and neighbors at the polls.

— Joyce Polio


First Amendment

protects Kaepernick

In response to the letter from Ron Johnson regarding Colin Kaepernick’s right to kneel during the national anthem: Wow.

Last I knew, we still honor the First Amendment in the United States.

Johnson’s comment, “If this act was committed in another country he could end up in jail or even disappear,” terrifies me with its Trumpian philosophy.

I am a 73-year-old white lady. If I could be sure of getting up again, I’d kneel with Kaepernick.

— Dotti Arcovitch


Thanks for helping

make fest a success

On behalf of the 2016 Milford Oyster Festival Committee, I would like to thank everyone that had a part in this year’s Oyster Festival and continue to make it an important Milford tradition.

The Oyster Festival is an enormous event. It would not be possible without the coordination of city departments, especially Public Works, Police, Fire, Health and Recreation departments, the harbormaster and the city electricians. Thank you so much for each of your efforts.

The festival would also not be a success without the dedication of hundreds of festival volunteers. We appreciate their commitment and are grateful for all they do for the event and the 70 organizations they represent.

The growth of the Oyster Festival continued this year with the new placement of the car show on River Street, the addition of the craft beer garden and the ever-growing fun of Oyster Eve. 40,000 oysters were consumed this year, a new record for the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association. For the second year in a row, a winner of the oyster shucking contest will be competing in the National Oyster Shucking Championship in Maryland in October. The winner of this will represent the USA in the World Shucking Championship in Galway, Ireland.

Thank you for putting the Milford Oyster Festival on the map and supporting all of the local organizations and businesses that are involved, it makes a difference here in Milford.

We look forward to seeing you next Aug. 19 at the 43rd Annual Milford Oyster Festival.

— Jay Pinto

President, Annual Milford Oyster Festival