UI proposed rate

hikes shocks reader

I was shocked to learn in the New Haven Register story “UI has even more hikes in the works” (Sept. 9) that utility regulators and Connecticut politicians struck a deal not to oppose the purchase of U.I. and the Gas Co. by a foreign corporation.

Imagine our Connecticut infrastructure now in the hands of a foreign corporation. How would we feel if regulators and politicians looked the other way should a foreign entity decide to purchase the Water Authority or bridges or highways or our rail systems. And, all that we get for this is improvements that these utilities should be making on a regular basis anyway. And, the “improvement costs” in the millions will be paid — you guessed it — by the public.

U.I.’s former CEO earned a salary in the millions and made it a point to fire numerous highly experienced and expertly trained lineman prior to the sale of this former Connecticut company. Please contact Elin Swanson Katz, Connecticut’s consumer counsel, at elln.katz@ct.gov.

— Tim Chaucer


Letter-writer omits some facts

In a letter to the editor, Vincent Cirillo rails against the inadequacies of the Democrats and calls for Donald Trump to change things. He has conveniently failed to mention that former President Bill Clinton was the only one in recent memory to have a balanced budget for one year. He also omits the fact that President G.W. Bush got us into Iraq and two years later triumphantly announced “Mission Accomplished,” and that eight years later we were still there.

Then, too, the Great Recession began during the Bush II tenure, costing millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of lost income to say nothing of untold hardships until we finally emerged under President Barack Obama.

During World War II, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, employed the tactic that if we tell a lie often enough, many people will start to believe it.

And, by the way, the Democrats didn’t “give” Iran any money. The government did release Irani funds which had been impounded for several years as part of a complex agreement which included China and Russia to inhibit further nuclear arms development for 10 years, a program which was well under way with the assistance of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

— Julian J Grossman


NFL players can donate to poor

To live in America is such a privilege, it makes me burn to see NFL players’ ingratitude and contempt for the country that has made them millionaires.

Why can’t these NFL owners and coaches stand up to these players? What is next, the players dictating policy to the coaches and owners? If these millionaire players really want to change the life of the oppressed, why don’t they donate their millions to the poor of America or the inner-city family members who cannot find jobs?

— Nancy Roberto