Letters: Trump presidency

Unfortunately, Marilyn McCormack is off-base when she asserts that “the USA deserves better than Trump.”

In fact, the polar opposite is more accurate; the U.S. got exactly what it deserved. Apparently (leaving the issue of the popular vote vs. the Electoral College vote aside), the American public was enamored with, or deluded by, an unprincipled, inexperienced narcissist who belittled the disabled, mocked war heroes like Sen. John McCain, denigrated those aspiring to partake of the Great American Dream by reaching our shores in search of a better life, fabricated out of whole cloth conspiracy theories and false birther arguments and engaged in misogynist conduct that any responsible parent would chastise and counsel a high school sophomore over.

John Q. Public rationalized away basic standards of decency and morality, never mind mentorship and leadership that one would expect from one aspiring to the most powerful position in the world, in the misguided quest for what? Economic equality or some brand of nationalism antithetical to the glorious founding precepts and concept of America? Let us see if that vile trade-off shall come to fruition.

Let us see if America will continue to get what it deserves these next 46 months.

— Gregory J. Stamos, Esq. Woodbridge

Our esteemed President Trump seems to have more on his plate than most of his predecessors save George Washington and perhaps Abraham Lincoln (to say nothing of FDR, Harry Truman and, yes, perhaps Barack Obama himself).

He seems to have little need for expertise except that of his billionaire friends (poor Dr. Carson).

He seems to feel that scientific excellence and research can be supplanted by managerial and business acumen. But where would we be without the Panama Canal, polio vaccine or countless other medico-scientific discoveries that enrich our lives. There would be no Trump bus or airplane.

He is given to uttering such hyperbole that one waits breathlessly for the next surprise. He knows more than all the generals about ISIS. He is the least anti-Semitic person you could know (forget that Arabs are also Semites). He now wants a border wall 30 feet high although those working on the scene say that a fence is much better because then the south side might be monitored as well as our own.

Barack Obama bugged Trump Tower although our own politicos and expert say there is no evidence. To support such an assertion — imagine now the Brits were in on the plot.

What’s next?

— Julian J. Grossman Woodbridge