Letters: Marine habitat, 'talking' cars, campaign

Thanks for protecting marine habitat

As a small-business owner of two companies and citizen of Connecticut, I commend the brave action of both Sen. Richard Blumenthal for proposing to protect nearly 5,000 square miles off New England’s coast and President Barack Obama for protecting this area forever by designating the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument.

This area, roughly the size of Connecticut, is home to hundreds of species. Seabirds, migrating marine mammals forage for other fish, even Atlantic puffins have depended on this fragile habitat. Eco-tourism is vital to our coastal economies and a healthy marine ecosystem is vital to our tourism industry.

My heartfelt thank you to President Obama and Senator Blumenthal for your vision and leadership.

— Lynda Kilgore


Get cars to ‘talk’ to DMV

Technology has been developed for average individuals owning smartphones, smart cars, smart refrigerators, personal computers, iPads, GPS, and somewhere, a toilet seat with Intel inside.

All bring electronic conveniences to us, from the rocket scientist to the child in school to the likes of Moe, Larry and Curly. An egalitarian opportunity.

Yesterday, I received a postcard from the Connecticut DMV informing me of my obligation to have my car tested for emissions. I remember the lines and time spent in the past getting this task performed. Thankfully, I passed the testing with flying colors, but sadly no one gave me a hearty slap on the back or at least an atta-boy.

Millions of apps for the billions of computers and smartphones with computer USB ports pluggable everywhere made me wonder why smart vehicles don’t have a way to communicate directly to the DMV.

If a car is equipped with a method to get its health status sent directly to the DMV, the convenience of performing the procedure at any time of day would be nice. The objective findings sent to the DMV could be communicated (at the speed of light) back to the vehicle’s owner who would know if there was reason to celebrate or to schedule repairs at a favorite mechanic’s garage. The $20 fee could be paid via credit/debit card at the time of the test directly to the DMV or added to the annual registration fee.

For those who choose to have their cars tested by a testing facility, they should feel free to do so.

If we can file our taxes online, or buy shoes from an Amazon company 3,000 miles away, or trade stocks and bonds 24/7, or take college classes remotely, don’t our cars deserve the same privilege?

— Dr. Jeffrey M. Silber


Charges against Obama, Hillary ‘unsubstantiated’

Congratulations are due Les Faiman of Hamden.

In a Sept. 26 diatribe of some 300 words he managed to pile together more unsubstantiated charges, smears and unadulterated bile against the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton than I’ve ever seen published before in the editorial pages of the New Haven Register.

Contrary to his assertion, it didn’t take political correctness to elect President Obama twice to the highest office in the land. And it won’t take political correctness to elect Hillary Clinton. What it did take to elect President Obama, and will take to elect Hillary is the voters’ recognition that each was and is the best qualified candidate. Period.

If intelligence is the key driver of the voters’ selection process, I have no fear. Hillary is in. I am sure, to the constipated chagrin of Faiman and those of his ilk who, by the way, must be gagging over President Obama’s 50 percent-plus favorable rating.

— Edgar Russell Jr.