I found the lead headline in your Jan. 12, 2017, edition of the Milford-Orange Bulletin, MilfordSpeaksOut on Inauguration Day, somewhat misleading.

I have lived in Milford my whole life and the last thing I need is for a group of fellow citizens to speak for me.

The headline should have read “Susan Shaw and Jeanne Cervin speakout on Inauguration Day.”

The country spoke on Election Day and it is interesting that the supporters of Hillary Clinton have done nothing but throw tantrums since.

This is especially upsetting because I and millions of others who didn’t vote for Barack Obama have had to suffer through his eight years of tearing down our country, both domestically and worldwide, without being able to voice our feelings of disgust without being accused of being racist.

In the past, our country has enjoyed a time-honored tradition of peaceful transition of power from one elected president to the next.

This year the losers have decided to make the transition as unpleasant as possible.

It is very sad that so many are actually pleased with the current state of our country.

Apparently they like having race relations at a 30-year low, having respect for our police and judicial system at an all-time low, having more than 94 million citizens out of work, seeing our once-excellent health care system nearly destroyed, seeing countries who were once our allies treated with disrespect and countries that would love to see us blown off the map treated with kid gloves, having our national debt so out of control our children’s children will still be struggling to pay it off, seeing our borders over run with illegals.

This and much more has all occurred under Obama and would certainly have continued unabated had Clinton been elected.

So if some people from Milford want to get together to share in their misery for having to endure four years of what will definitely be a breath of fresh air for a country barely recognizable after Obama’s reign, fine, have a ball.

I obviously won’t be participating.

— Lois Hetherington Milford

The White House press secretary made a startling claim at a press conference on Saturday, Jan. 21, stating that Friday’s turnout was “the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the world.”

This isn’t true.

The inauguration had lower TV ratings and in- person attendance than Obama’s first. The press secretary used lying and intimidation in an attack on reality.

This should distress every American, whether you’re conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, voted for Trump or not.

The size of the crowds shouldn’t be a major concern of our new president or his administrative team.

He is the leader of the free world, and America isn’t a reality TV show.

We’ve never had a president from any political party use lies and fear in order to attack the press and attempt to strong-arm them into reporting alternate versions of reality because our leaders don’t like the facts.

That’s what dictators do, not American presidents.

A free and independent press is vital to a functioning democracy. Our press isn’t perfect, they make mistakes and often pursue stories for high approval ratings rather than content.

Abandoning our free and independent press isn’t the answer, demanding they report the facts is.

From now on, we need to hold each other accountable.

Press, hold yourselves accountable by standing together in the face of fear and intimidation. Work together as a collective to call out attacks on the truth. Report the information that needs to be reported, not what feeds your bottom line.

Friends, family, and neighbors, hold yourselves accountable by doing your research, and defending the truth. State the facts when others deny them. Trust what you see with your own eyes.

We all need to work together to hold the president and his Cabinet accountable. The new president has the lowest approval ratings of any president coming into the White House in modern history.

Lying won’t change this fact, but working for all of us will.

He should spend less time worrying about his popularity, and more time working on improving this country for all of us.

— Natalie Osborne Milford

If individuals don’t understand there is a definite distinction between the rights of “free speech” and the perpetuation of propagandizing speech without truth or facts then we must have a deterrent consideration so effective and harmful to the perpetrators of lies, deception and hate to create a fear of the consequences in doing so.

Several decades ago, we as a nation, we with absolute disgust had enough of the poisoning of our children via all kinds of communications and commercial products and we (the moral and ethical segment of society) took affirmative steps to rate movies, product sales, as well as, other restrictive covenants regarding speech in order to protect our children.

We must once again, if our present campaign for presidency of our nation isn’t a wake-up call, institute strict and harsh consequences for those who continue to “put a nail in the coffin” of what we refer to as civilization or the word “civil” has lost all meaning.

— Frank C. Rohrig Milford