Letters: Health care, Congress

I was recently a patient in both Milford Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital’s St. Raphael’s Campus and I must say the care and treatment in both hospitals was excellent. We are lucky to have wonderful choices in our health care in this part of the country. I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and aides in both hospitals for the huge part they played in my healing.

— Richard Dickerson Woodbridge

Are you looking for a job? A good job that pays at least $177,000 per year with some of the world’s best benefits, automatic pay raises, and no job evaluations. It doesn’t matter how lousy a job you do.

Sound good so far? All you have to do is to be able to play the party game — you don’t like my idea, I don’t like yours, so nothing gets done. You don’t even need to manage our country financially because you can always come up with a stopgap measure to avoid a shutdown of the nation for a few months.

We taxpayers elected the present members of Congress into office, and, like them, you can make all sorts of campaign promises, and once elected, forget those promises. Judging from their accomplishments, you don’t need any experience for this job. So just run for a seat in Congress, replacements are very badly needed. Don’t worry! We’ll vote for you.`You can’t do a worse job than the present members are doing.

— William Estrada Sr.