Letters: Destruction of trees; Meir prediction

Why is there no alarm about the destruction of thousands of trees in Milford and other towns? Tree-lined streets are being turned into downtown Bridgeport, for what? So we don’t lose power for a day every 10 years? Where is the mayor, the tree-huggers, the Arbor Day Foundation? How can so many trees be taken down at a time when we know how important they are for our climate, the wildlife, the value they bring to our town and private property? I’m at a loss to how this can continue. Let’s just take them all down, no more power outages, no more leaves to rake, no more leaf bags to buy.

Where the hell is the Lorax?

— Victor Lamberti


As a historian of sorts, Gershom Gorenberg (op-ed June 6) should be ashamed of himself for twisting historical facts. A self-confessed left-winger, he has allowed his political prejudices to compromise his vocation.

• Since 1997 the West Bank has been ruled by Palestinians not Israel.

• The Six-Day War was not “a crisis between Israel and Egypt,” but between Israel and six Arab nations trying to annihilate this tiny democracy.

• The 1948 Arab armies that invaded newly born Israel were not “relatively weak.” Trained and commanded by British officers, Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian, and Jordanian armies assaulted Israeli farmers armed mostly with Molotov cocktails and a few rifles. Israeli courage, determination, and ingenuity saved their national home.

The truth is:

• Dismantling Israeli settlements means more Palestinian aggression like missiles from Gaza.

• Palestinians glorify suicide killers and pay their families while their schools inspire students to become bombers instead of doctors.

• Palestinians rejected an independent state 3 times — most recently in 2008 when Ehud Olmert offered to trade 93% of the West Bank for peace.

A half-a-century ago, Golda Meir predicted that Israel will have peace only when Palestinians learn to love their children more than they hate Jews. Sadly, her prediction is still true.

— Rosette Liberman Milford