Letter: Residents of Woodbridge ‘want our town back’

For those 400 or so voters who attended the informational meeting at the Center Gym on July 27, think about how your administration treated you.

We were packed into an un-air-conditioned room with a PA system that did not work properly and fans which barely made it bearable but made it difficult to hear the speakers.

The room cleared out as people spoke, diminishing the audience hearing public comment. First Selectwoman Ellen Scalettar apologized and stated we should air-condition the building.

We have a 44,000 square foot (air-conditioned) club house and banquet hall that would have been perfect for that meeting, had the administration not dragged its feet for six years on getting it into service; but for this administration controlling the message is key to controlling the outcome I, for one, am sick of it. Let the administration know that we want our town back.

— David Lober MD