Letter: Resident describes Golden’s efforts on city’s behalf

To the Editor:

Janet Golden is clearly someone we can depend on for intelligent, level-headed decision-making as alderman in the second district. A lifelong Milford resident who is raising her own children in the city she loves, Janet has proven her abilities over the last 10 years of her public service.

One of her priorities, Janet’s focus has been sensible spending leading to a tax structure that works for Milford. During her tenure in office, Janet proudly points to the careful planning that led to mil rate reduction while services were maintained in our city. “I am here to serve the people of Milford,” Janet says. “It’s a wonderful place to live, and I want to keep it that way for my family and all the other families in the city.”

As a parent, the daughter of seniors enjoying life in Milford, and a compassionate and active member of the community, Janet directs her concerns to the people she serves. Her voting record on educational issues has helped preserve the reputation of the Milford public schools. A look at her record shows her ongoing commitment to the education of all our children.

To me, it makes good sense to re-elect Janet Golden and allow her to continue working for the kind of city where we all want to live.

Judy Goldwyn