Letter: Milford school board should reject proposed changes to attendance policy

Most students in Milford attend the school that is in their district, but for the last 21 years a policy has been in place that allows students to attend another school in special circumstances.

There is a new policy proposed that would make this virtually impossible.

The Board of Education has always recognized that different children learn in different ways and that teachers need the flexibility to respond to individual student needs. The proposed one-size fits-all policy seems to be in conflict with this philosophy.

Those proposing the change claim that the current policy causes imbalances in the schools. Most of the out-of-district students are in high school with Law students going to Foran and Foran students attending Law.

The net result is just an 11-student difference in student population. Such a small difference hardly justifies the problems that the new policy would create.

Even if the revised policy were a good idea, this is not the time to put it into effect. Because of restructuring and redistricting, Milford’s students have been repeatedly forced to change schools and families have had children at the same grade level attending different schools.

The revised policy could force some families to choose between having their child switch schools or having a sibling in the same grade level attend a different school.

It’s time to give people a break. Enough is enough.

Reasonable people can be on opposite sides on this issue. It’s likely to be discussed and possibly voted on at the April 11 Board meeting.

Regardless of your position, I hope you will attend the meeting and share your thoughts with the board.

— Tom Jagodzinski