To the Editor:

Alderman Anglace doesn't appear to be paying attention. About half the people writing letters to oppose charter revision are signed by Republicans. Many of us have served the city as elected members of various boards and commissions.

The claim increasing the bond limit would address capital needs without raising taxes is silly. If you borrow more, the cost of debt service will go up.

A concern is a primary example given for needing to raise the credit limit is the anticipated purchase of computers for 1/4 of our students each year. If we're buying them every year, we shouldn't be borrowing money — it's like taking out loans to buy groceries.

Alderman Anglace closed his last letter with:

Who do you trust? What do you want?

The decision is yours to make.

I hope you trust your own ability to think things through and vote no. It's the common sense way to go.

Mark Holden


Former chairman, Shelton Board of Education

Former chairman, Shelton Board of Apportionment and Taxation