Letter: Columnist’s research ‘unprofessional’

I feel compelled to comment on some of the most unprofessional research I have seen lately in the recent piece in “Another View” by Ebony Rosemond at The Washington Post.

Anyone who had done even a cursory amount of research would know that the YMCA is well known for teaching swimming to everyone, especially kids from the inner cities.

As a past chairman and chief volunteer officer of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, I am appalled at the lack of recognition of the swimming programs in all of local branches of the Y.

While the stereotype is probably valid, it is not for the lack of opportunities available to all kids from all of the cities and towns from Fairfield all the way up to Branford.

It has always been the policy of the CCCYMCA and all other YMCAs, for that matter, to accept all applicants regardless of their ability to pay. That is part of the mission of the CCCYMCA and the focus of all the annual fund raising.

In addition to having all programs open to families of all economic circumstances, the CCCYMCA provides camperships to those unable to pay where swimming is a central point of the activities provided.

Once again, I must take issue with the sloppy research that went into the swimming opinion offering from The Washington Post.

Instead of the negative racial slant of the article, it should have implored those who choose to participate in other sports to consider learning to swim as a real safety issue.

— Don Hutchinson Milford