Letter: Candidate wants more educators on school board

To the Editor:

I have lived in Milford my whole life. An alumna of Kay Avenue, JFK, West Shore and Jonathan Law, I owe much of my own success as a teacher to the education I received here. Now, as a parent in the Meadowside Elementary community, I watch my son excel in the education system I love. My passion is ensuring that all student needs are met so they can thrive and grow within our schools.

The Board of Education plays an integral role in student success with the policy they implement for our district. Having educators on the BOE ensures that the quality of programs is not diminished. While I am proud of what past boards have accomplished, I would like more educator representation. If elected, I will impart valuable experience-based understanding of program feasibility in a classroom setting and methods of differentiation for students with varying needs. I will work with fellow board members to focus on growing experiential programs and pathways, increasing college preparedness, improving equity among district schools, and driving the district toward academic excellence.  

A town thrives when its schools are prioritized. Exemplary schools draw families to invest in our town and its future. Mayor Blake agrees that educating our Milford youth in data-driven innovative ways is paramount. I would love the opportunity to influence policy that drives our school district forward. On Nov. 7, you can show you agree by voting in this critical municipal election.

Erin Pinsince