Language honors society induction held at Amity High - Amitu Unleashed

Last Thursday, the juniors at Amity High School who are the foreign language elite were inducted into the Amity World Languages Honor Society. This association is made up of three branches, the Latin, Spanish, and French Honors Societies, all of which were represented at Thursday's induction ceremony.

Starting with Latin, the mother language, and ending with Spanish, the largest of the groups, the students recited a pledge, in the appropriate tongue, signed the register, and received certificates that authorize their national membership.

The aim of these groups, according to the Amity World Languages Honor Society's Constitution is "to stimulate interest in the study of World Languages, to promote higher standards of scholarship, to reward high scholastic attainments, to create enthusiasm for an understanding of world cultures and civilizations, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the global community."

These groups are for students who are invested in the language of their choice (for some students, two languages as affiliation with two honor societies is allowed), and certain general, scholastic, and interest requirements, need to be met and maintained to remain a constituent. Candidates have to be enrolled and actively engaged in their fifth semester of study of a World Language. They also have to uphold a quality point average (QPA) of 16 or higher in the semester of selection and an average QPA of 16 or higher in the four preceding semesters. Pedagogic success must be maintained in other subject matter as well, with a current B- or better average along with a collective average of a B- or better in the previous four semesters.

Another side to these Honor Societies must also be noted, the interest aspect. Students who enter into these associations must enjoy and show an enthusiasm for their language and a desire in international studies. It is also important for these students to accept the different cultures and customs as they are a big part of the language and people they study. Community service is an additional facet of being a member in an honor society. For example, the National Spanish Honor Society plans several events with the students of Vincent E. Mauro Elementary School in New Haven, including a Christmas drive and Easter egg hunt.

It takes commitment and an excitement for World Languages to be a member of these elite societies, and these students have taken the first steps. Congratulations to all those inducted.

Side Note: At last week's Parent Teacher Student Association meeting, the members voted on and passed the plan for creating a Senior Lounge in the high school. A few Amity students came to the meeting to present the pitch for the lounge and succeeded in obtaining a $5,000 sum from the PTSA to help in the creation of it. Seniors will also be asking for donations from the Student Government and Senior Class. The lounge will be a space located on the second floor overlooking the parking lot, open to those seniors who meet specified academic and citizenship requirements every quarter. The work on the lounge can begin as soon as the PTSA gift is accepted by the Region 5 Board of Education, and will be opened as early as the end of the third marking period.

Erin Beaulieu is a student at Amity High School