LETTER: Library Holiday Tree Display in Orange a big success

To the Editor:

The Friends of the Library would like to thank all of the communitiry groups, businesses, and others who participated in the 14th Annual Holiday Tree Festival at the Library.

Many of the groups who participated have been part of this event since the beginning. Some of them include The Orange Lions, The Holy Infant Pre School, The Orange Players and the Orange Arts and Crafts.

New groups this year include orange Recycling, Angel Hair Salon, and The Pink Ladies. The pink tree that the Pink Ladies put up in the center of the rotunda received a great deal of attention from visitors to the Library. It was a highlight of the holidy display, the work of eight cancer survivors, a group whose creativity was surpassed only by their enthusiasm, courage and friendship.

Much work and preparation takes place each year. Some people (Michelle Grande and Pat Miller) decorate trees for more than one group or organization — everyone does a great job — and the Friends of the Library are grateful to the participants and proud of the results.

Friends of the Library