Kudos to those with hearts of gold

Over the past two weeks, the municipal animal shelter serving the Bethany, Orange and Woodbridge communities has been filled to the brim. Often times when this happens, tough decisions need to be made.

Following a strong publicity campaign that DACVO member Albert Berardesca pulled together, those tough decisions won't be necessary this time.

When speaking with Berardesca, he emphasized that he is not the hero, but those who read the papers, listened to the public service announcements and took action are the ones who should be acknowledged.

Well folks, thanks to your big hearts and love for furry companions, you have saved some lives. Jack, a border collie mix; Dusty, a Weimaraner; Ebony, a labrador mix; Cody, a shepherd mix; Piglet, a deaf terrier; Casper, a white lab mix; two Beagle pups, Fran and Ollie, lab and pointer mixes and two Staffordshire terrier puppies have found safe havens with you. You are heroes.

However, there are still many dogs at the shelter that are in need of saving. Dreamer, a 1-year-old male husky/shepherd mix needs a new owner. A true "red head," when you look at his beautiful green eyes, you can tell he is dreaming of a new home where he will be loved and appreciated.

Austin, the guy I wrote about last week who won a ribbon at the Stratford animal fair, still has his hopes up. He is an Australian cattle dog mix. He is very gentle and loyal, but needs someone on the active side.

Shelby is a good-natured labrador/shepherd mix who is in need of a home. She is about 3-years old. And there are still some 9-week-old puppies available from the litter mentioned above.

All of you who took the time to visit the shelter these past couple of weeks are deserving of the Doghouse's St. Bernard Award. Saints are well known for their compassion rescuing those in distress.

And Albert is deserving of awards every day. He constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty for man's best friend. An appropriate award for the Woodbridge resident is something along the lines of an Energizer Bunny Award. You know those rabbits, they just keep going and going and…

Bridget Albert is the editor of the Bulletin. The opinions in this column represent those of the columnist and not necessarily those of the Bulletin.