Kmart site developer asking Milford for height, density changes for proposed buildings

The apartment complex at the former Kmart location calls for a 55-foot height from the first floor to the roof.

The apartment complex at the former Kmart location calls for a 55-foot height from the first floor to the roof.

Martin Architectural Architects & Land Planners/Contributed

MILFORD — The developers proposing to turn the former Kmart site into an apartment complex are asking for a little more room to accomplish that task.

CDP Milford LLC is asking the Planning and Zoning Board for changes to the regulations in the Bridgeport Avenue property's zone so they can go taller and bigger with their buildings.

The current height of the proposed apartment complex is 55 feet from the first floor to the roof. If the developers would like to build the apartments now, they wouldn't be able to because the regulation only allows a maximum of 40 feet at 589 Bridgeport Ave.

For this reason, the developers, represented by attorney John Knuff, have proposed changing the current regulation from 40 feet to 55 feet.

The P&Z, which cancelled this month's meeting, will discuss the proposal from CDP Milford LLC at its next meeting.

"After the multi-family amendment was approved, the applicant learned of a certain development restriction in leases held by existing tenants that preclude the original approved plan," wrote Knuff to the planning and zoning board. "As a result, the applicant submits this subsequent application to request a minor revision of the criteria outlined in the approved multi-family amendment to accommodate changes in the proposed site plan and building configuration necessary to accommodate the relevant restrictions."

Other proposed changes the developer is asking for are: changing the maximum dwelling units from 17 to 19 units per acre; changing the maximum building story from three to four stories; changing the maximum dwelling units in a single multi-family residential building from 36 to 38; and changing the size of the maximum size of the building from 12 acres to 10 acres.

Knuff said the proposed revisions to the regulations, which would only impact the specific Bridgeport Avenue zone the property is in, wouldn't impact the rest of the plan to redevelop the 15 acres, including having significant aesthetic upgrades to the commercial establishment located on the redevelopment property.

The new plans for the apartment complex at the former Kmart location now include a dog park.

Knuff told the P&Z board during the Sept. 20 meeting they are still proposing a total unit count of 202 units in the rear of the property with a minimum set aside of 10 percent affordable units.