Kim Rose says kennel bill will make pet boarding facilities more accountable

State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford) told the media last week that she is pleased a bill she championed to hold overnight kennel boarding facilities more accountable was passed by the House of Representatives and is heading to the Senate for consideration.
House Bill #5729, An Act Making Minor Revisions to the Provisions of the General Statutes Concerning Kennel Services Advertisements, would require any commercial kennel to obtain a license from the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and to maintain applicable regulations such as sanitation, disease and humane treatment of dogs or cats and the protection of the public safety. Kennels will also be required to clearly display their license number in any form of advertising for services.
“I have been working very hard to promote this bill to clarify the original intent brought to me by concerned consumers who had bad experiences in the past,” Rep. Rose said. “Back in 2013, I was successful in rallying enough attention on this issue and that helped to pass a version of this bill, but it didn’t go far enough. I am glad to see we agreed to take additional steps to address the concerns and move it forward.”
A commercial kennel is a facility maintained for boarding, or grooming dogs or cats, including any veterinary hospital which boards or grooms dogs or cats for non-medical purposes.
Rose said, “Legitimate pet boarding facilities are subject to licensing and certain business taxes. However, thousands of individuals advertise every day services for pet boarding, when in fact most of these advertisers are providing services from their homes. I hope that this bill will now bring some structure and transparency to this type of business.”
Rose is serving her third legislative term in the State Legislature. She is House co-chair of the Housing Committee, and a member of the Children and Veterans Committees.