Kim Rose appointed House Chair of Internship Committee

State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford) has been appointed House Chair of the Internship Committee by Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz.

"I am honored to chair this committee this legislative session and to be able to play a role in facilitating the learning of tomorrow's leaders," Rose said. "I would like to thank Speaker Aresimowicz for having the confidence to place me in this position and I look forward to an enriching session ahead for our interns."

"Rep. Rose has always been an excellent role model for anyone, particularly young people, seeking to learn more about the legislative process," Aresimowicz said. "I know Kim will provide a rewarding experience for our legislative interns this session."

The Internship Committee is a statutorily created committee whose principal responsibility is the development and administration of Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) internship program. The program serves to acquaint students with both the formal and informal aspects of the legislative process.

All lawmakers will begin serving their new terms after being sworn in when the 2019 Legislative Session convenes on Jan. 9.

Rose represents the 118th district in Milford. In addition to serving as chair of Internship, she will serve on the Housing and Veterans' Affairs Committees in this upcoming legislative session.