Kim Rose announces passage of House bill to halt Silver Sands construction

Representative Kim Rose (D-Milford) announced House passage, after negotiating a bi-partisan compromise, of Senate Bill 605, An Act Requiring Local Approval Of Certain Construction Projects At Silver Sands State Park, which would put a controversial construction project at Silver Sands on hold for at least two years.

"We have been working on addressing this controversial proposed development for some time and I am very pleased we were able to pass this bill in the House," Rose said in a statement to the press. "Although the bill fell short in the Senate, I have a commitment from DEEP to continue discussions to address concerns that we, our mayor and our residents have about this project that is detrimental to the quality of life in our neighborhoods."

State Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) said the original bill passed the Senate on May 26 and was amended too late in the House to make it back to the Senate for another vote.

Slossberg said she plans to keep negotiating with the DEEP.

"If it means we have to have a human chain in front of the bulldozer, I will lead that effort," Slossberg said.

The Silver Sands proposal, which is currently estimated to cost $10 million, includes plans for a concession stand, storage building, bath house, guard house and ticket booth.