Kids World: Get creative with your kids at home

Finding time to sit with your child and create something together is a special time.
Usually when a child asks a parent for help in drawing something, a standard reply is “I can’t draw a stick figure.” But to your child, whatever you draw is amazing, and taking that time to do that is important.
Drawing at home was pretty much the only thing I did as a child. I used to make my own drawing book and staple the pages together until it looked like a catalog. A fun way to start this with your children would be to do still life drawings and then give them the subject as a treat! For example, set up a plate of cupcakes and after drawing them, let the children choose which they want to eat. Hanging their artwork around your home is very important and builds self-esteem. Their sense of pride really shows when they want to show guests the amazing piece of work hanging on the wall.
Today it seems that children don’t use their imagination as much. Everything is computers and iPads and video games. Yet when you put out a variety of pencils, crayons, paper, and watercolors, they definitely seem excited to explore. We don’t like the thought of glitter or paints in our home because of the mess it could leave. But watercolors are not very messy and are washable.

Warmer weather

Now with the warmer weather finally approaching, we should be able to take these fun, creative activities outside. Cut a potato in half and let your child carve a pattern with a plastic knife or spoon or even a pencil and dip the potato into paints. Printmaking can be really fun, and the final product looks amazing.
Don’t forget that most things for creative play can already be found in your home.
So the next time your child says, “I’m bored,” don’t be afraid to set up a creative table and sit back and watch.
Hannah Perry is the owner of The Giggling Pig, an art studio specializing in kids’ crafts, Mommy and Me classes, Paint and Sip (for grown-ups), birthday parties and more. The Giggling Pig is located at 472 River Road, Shelton. For information, call 203-919-1153 or visit