WOODBRIDGE >> Woodbridge Animal Control has a sweet puppy for adoption this week.

Khloe has had a short, but very tough life and now we need to help her. She is a terrier mix, about a year old, gray and white.

She is so happy when in the company of kind humans that all she wants to do is learn and please. The little girl is attentive, affectionate and good with adults, children, friendly dogs, with cats an unknown.

Khloe will need some obedience training with a fenced-in yard preferred but what she really, really needs is a kind someone to call her own. For people looking for a totally devoted, lifetime companion, Khloe is the best choice.

Khloe and other dogs and cats are available for adoption at Woodbridge Animal Control, 135 Bradley Road, which can be reached at 203-389-5991.