Juvenile suspect arrested in Milford gun theft

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox
Milford Police Department

Milford Police Department

Contributed / Milford Police Department Facebook page

MILFORD — A monthslong investigation has led to the arrest of a juvenile who allegedly stole a handgun from a vehicle in March.

The gun still has not been found, and Milford police spokesman Mike DeVito said the investigation will continue.

“We’re still continuing to pursue leads to locate the gun,” DeVito said.

On March 27, several unlocked vehicles were entered during the night. The gun was in a locked glovebox inside one of the vehicles, DeVito said.

“They were able to get into that and steal the firearm,” DeVito said.

The investigation included interviews and gathering other information that led to search warrants and, ultimately, a juvenile arrest warrant that was issued Nov. 5 and served Nov. 23, DeVito said.

The juvenile is charged with third-degree larceny, third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny and third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary. The case was referred to New Haven Juvenile Court.