Junior tennis teams excel

Milford Indoor Tennis regional junior tennis teams have had a remarkable season.

To start, the Milford Huskies 14U Junior USTA tennis team finished the season in second place in the Southern Connecticut Advanced Division.
The team is comprised of players that have been playing at Milford Indoor Tennis since 2008.
The Huskies, coached by Bryan Adinolfi, will try to qualify for the postseason tournament in August.
If successful, the team will have a chance to qualify for Nationals in September.
“I have been coaching some of these kids since we started our first Junior USTA team back in 2009, and to see the improvement and maturity over each season as well as over all three years is the best thing any coach could ask for from a team,” Adinolfi said.
“Together, they have become some of the most promising junior’s tennis players in Connecticut. I am excited for them.”
The Milford Dragons, also based out of Milford Indoor Tennis, are an 18U Junior USTA team.
They finished the season undefeated and in second place in Southern Connecticut Intermediate Division, behind the only other undefeated team from Stamford.
The Dragons have qualified for the postseason tournament in August, where they will compete for a spot in Nationals in September.
Adinolfi, also the coach for the Dragons, said:“It’s so great to see these high school kids, who play for various high school tennis teams in the area, working together as comrades at Milford Indoor Tennis, and frankly just getting excited to compete as a team where they train individually.”
The Milford Trojans, Milford’s 12U advanced USTA tennis team, has finished the season 8-0 after defeating Trumbull Racquet Club on Sunday.
They finished in first place in the USTA Junior team tennis Southern Connecticut League play.
The Trojans, coached by Paul Coorssen, qualified for the CT state championships Aug. 7-9.
Coorssen said: “It is great to see the kids develop as players and young people. For a sport that in many ways is very individual, it is very exciting to see the support they give each other throughout the season.
“Everyone on the team contributed and improved as the season went on.”