Jonathan Law students will use grant to create new school mural

Jonathan Law's Natural Helpers recently received a grant to create a mural in the school.

The club is looking for students to draw a photo for the mural and then have the school vote for which drawing should become the mural. Members are hoping the math classes will enlarge the photos and then help create a kind of color-by-number painting that will serve as a template for the art.

The club applied for and received a grant from the Milford Education Foundation to fund the project.

The grant is worth $500 and includes the paint, brushes and all the other supplies needed to complete the mural.

The mural will be created in the new gym wing for everyone to see when they go to sporting events.

“Hopefully it will serve as a way to bring the school together as a community,” said Natural Helpers President Jamie Georgelos. “We hope that this project will include individual students with artistic inclinations as well as the larger community when it comes time to paint the mural.”

The group wants to have all the clubs in the school create a section for the mural to show school spirit.

“The whole idea of the mural is to get the students interested,” said Natural Helpers Vice President Carol Phillips.

The group noticed that there are many blank walls in the school and they wanted to create something that would be there for a while. “I think it will be great, and a good addition to the school and give people a chance to give something to the school,” said Brittany Bajerski, a Jonathan Law student.