Jepsen, WNBA, Bethany Fire Department, One Innocent Life

Jepsen is turning his back on oath

Attorney General George Jepsen has an impressive biography and has achieved much for a lad from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

His accomplishments as our AG are noteworthy. As AG he took an oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States. Here is where I get confused.

What would possess a man twenty years my younger, to turn his back on his oath? Nothing in his biography mentions military service, so he can’t imagine what that switch means for those who have served and those who lost their lives defending their oath of service.

I still honor my oath until this day and will defend our country as necessary. An oath is an oath is an oath!

AG Jepsen has joined 16 other AGs to strip away the First Amendment freedom of speech for expressing opposition to climate change science. A science that has been ripe with controversy, data manipulation, missing data, and objections from other credible scientists.

What is the next freedom that will be targeted? Freedom of religion is already under attack, the word God is taboo, praying is unacceptable.

The erosion of freedom is easily lost but difficult to regain.

— Don Colaizzi


Shame on Lynx management, WNBA

I love women’s basketball, but I am dismayed by the WNBA’s Lynx wearing of shirts promoting Black Lives Matter. They had a chance to use their platform to bring Americans together, yet they chose to expand and support the divisiveness that is permeating this country. Shame on the Lynx management and the WNBA for allowing this.

— Nancy Roberto


Thanks from Bethany Fire Department, Auxiliary

The Bethany Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary would like to thank the members of the community, especially Laticrete International, for their support for our 9th annual Car, Truck and Bike Show on June 25 held at Bethany Airport. Members of the community enjoyed food, fun and great music provided by DJ Aaron Stone of Wallingford.

The generosity of all those that attended the event was outstanding and very much appreciated. We would like to extend a thank you to all “show” vehicles participants and volunteers.

We also wish to thank the following companies and individuals for their generous donations: Earthmovers Inc., Johnson Automotive ( Ryan Angelicola and Family, B&B Transportation, Auto Transport, Mike’s Auto Towing, Zep Superior Solutions-Gina Monaco, R&M Custom Contractors, Truck Toyz Unlimited LLC, Brookview Heavy Equipment Repair LLC, Lock Stock & Barrell, DiGennaro Service LLC, North Haven Auto Body, Magna Steel Sales Inc., Country Companions Veterinary, Pleasantview Garage, Billy’s Ice Cream and Marketplace, Sabo Auto Body, Plimpton & Hills, Grimaldis Pizza, JP Garcia, Hurlburt’s Sugarhouse, The Flanagan Ambulance Alumni, Amity Gardens, Gary Ross, Birchwood Kennels, Burt Process Equipment, Bunny Village, Visiting Angels, Controlled Solutions, Ford of Branford, MJM Marga LLC, Paint World, Stephen Cadillac GMC, Freezer Hill Mulch, Bethany Veterinary, Concrete Coring, John Musco, CT Canine, Auto Body Supplies and Paint LLC, Flash Signs, Verabs, Starbucks, Snap On-Dave Gregoire, Action Moving and Storage, Chabaso Bakery, United Site Services Inc. and Joe Kelley.

Everyone’s support, cooperation and donations helped make this event a success. The BFVD and Auxiliary members are proud to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Proceeds from this event will help support essential training and equipment for the Fire Department. The BVFD and Auxiliary are dedicated to Bethany, Connecticut’s #1 small town.

— Bethany Volunteer Fire Department & Auxiliary members

Thanks from founder of One Innocent Life

As founder of One Innocent Life, I would like to personally thank all those involved in making our inaugural Beat the Heat 5K Run | Walk a tremendous success. With over 230 participants at the event I’d like to thank the volunteers, police, and the town of Woodbridge officials and employees for all of their hard work.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to John Adamovich, David Cohen, and Alex MacNamara of the Woodbridge Recreation Department for setting up the course, Thom Jacobs of Payne’s Corner Timing for race timing, Colleen MacKay for being the official photographer and Rick Calhan and the whole Krative team for the strategy and design of all materials related to Beat the Heat. We look forward to making Beat the Heat 5K Run | Walk an annual event for many years to come in Woodbridge,

One Innocent Life is dedicated to putting out fires before they start; making fire everyone’s fight.

With deep gratitude,

— Jeff Block

Founder, One Innocent Life