James Walker: NAACP? Go, Scot, go!

James Walker, New Haven Register.

James Walker, New Haven Register.

I am not much for joining groups or jumping on other people’s bandwagons but words from the president of the Connecticut chapter of the NAACP have me cheering.

Scot X. Esdaile said he is “very, very concerned” about the lack of diversity among Democratic candidates this election year and is not ruling out throwing his support behind Republicans.

To that, I have three words: Go, Scot, go!

I see nothing wrong with the black community exploring what the Republicans have to offer.

Esdaile’s angst comes after Democratic gubernatorial contender Ned Lamont announced Susan Bysiewicz would be his running mate — once again ignoring blacks for the top of the ticket.

“You can’t say we’re about diversity when there is no diversity on the ticket,” said Esdaile. “There’s never been a black Democratic congressman in the state of Connecticut. There’s never been a black on the top of the Democratic ticket. We’ve had state treasurer and it’s pretty much been regulated to that position since the 60s and 70s and a lot has changed since the 60s.”

As one of the strongest voices for blacks in the state, Esdaile is absolutely right in pointing out the ongoing lack of diversity at the top of the Democratic ticket.

Nothing less should be expected from the leader of the NAACP and every black voter in the state of Connecticut should hear Esdaile’s words.

For 50 years that I know of, the majority of blacks have been throwing their support behind Democrats but really don’t have a lot to show for keeping this party in power, except programs that are not moving anybody up like the The Jeffersons.

I don’t blame Democrats for the problems in the black community but I do blame them for their retreaded rhetoric and candidates who fail to bring the real change and diversity their campaigns promise to a large part of their constituency.

Instead, the ticket is always “Dems so white” and black voters get the “we are fully committed ...” speech — this time courtesy of Bysiewicz.

“We are very committed to have qualified, competent people that show the diversity of our state appointed to judgeships to commissioner positions, deputy commissioner positions to boards and commissions,” Bysiewicz said.

What part of Esdaile’s statement does Bysiewicz and Democrats not understand?

Democrats have been loyal allies of blacks since I can remember. They have fought hard to right many wrongs and have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with minorities to help bring change in everything from housing to education to social equality and a lot more.

But blacks need economic equality and political might if they are to totally rid themselves of a dependency that started in the 17th century.

Democrats have held the winning hand in the black community — and they still do. And I am still convinced the party has done more good than harm.

But it does appear that due to their allegiance, Democrats believe the black vote is locked-in.

Maybe it is time to shake things up.

In February of 2016, I wrote if national Democrats couldn’t get their act together, then Go, Donald, go!

Now, I am urging Esdaile to follow through on his words to support Republicans if Democrats won’t walk the walk they talk as a party of true diversity.

After all, as our current president once infamously declared: what do blacks have to lose?

Maybe Esdaile is considering the same question — and if so, I have three words for the leader of the state NAACP ... Go, Scot, go!