Jacksonville's Turner Scientific funds grant to promote animal welfare, improved research

Photo of David C.L. Bauer

A Jacksonville company that is a leading consultant in environmental control to animal research facilities has funded a grant to promote animal welfare and improved research.

Turner Scientific chose Amber L. Southwell to receive its 2022 Sensory Sentinel grant. Southwell holds multiple positions in neuroscience, including as co-director at the Central Florida Center for Huntington's Disease, as an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida's Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, and as director of the rodent behavior facility at the University of Central Florida Health Sciences in Orlando.

She will receive a Sensory Sentinel and consultation on its installation, use and interpretation of data. The device was introduced in October 2020 and measures noise, temperature, humidity and other conditions in animal rooms and cages. That allows research scientists and animal facility managers to identify and reduce harmful and excessive levels of environmental conditions.

"We offer the Sensory Sentinel primarily to protect animal welfare and increase the validity of research generated by leading scientists," according to Turner Scientific founder Jeremy Turner. "Dr. Southwell's (Huntington's Disease) research leads to life-saving breakthroughs, and we are incredibly proud to support this work."