It's up to the BOF

BETHANY - For decades, Bethany Volunteer Firemen have tended to the needs of its residents. And now the men and women who don't think twice about climbing out of bed at 2 a.m. on a cold winter night are asking for the support of the townspeople so they can continue to offer qualilty service.

Following approval from the Bethany Board of Selectmen, the firemen are now scheduled to go before the Board of Finance who must concur with the BOS that a referendum is deemed appropriate.

Fire Chief George Quinn, who has been chief for 19 years, said all they want is the opportunity to hear how residents feel.

"All we want is ther opportunity to ask the voters how they feel," Quinn said.

The chief also said the BVFD is not against education but feel they have been pushed behind time after time.

The firehouse is owned by the association and receive $90,000 from the town as well as receiving the insurance from calls totaling about $150,000. Quinn said the rest is raised through various events/

Last year ago residents voted at a town meeting to allocate $16,000 for artechitural drawings to be prepared. This has been done.

When construction begins, the $3.5 million facility will be constructed on three and a half acres of airport property. The association already owns the property which was given to them some years ago by the town Quinn said.

Expressing frustration for the many delays the BVFD has experienced Quinn said it was time for a new building.

"There has never been a building in Bethany built for the future - ours will be," he said.