It Happened In Milford: Robert Treat laid out Milford's first settlement

Submitted Photo courtesy of Milford Historical Society

Submitted Photo courtesy of Milford Historical Society

MILFORD — Robert Treat, an 18-year-old surveyor, laid out Milford’s first settlement. Each settler received a tract of land to live on and a tract to farm. Each was allowed three years to make it work. Every fifth day each would have to send one person to work on the construction of the stockade fence surrounding Milford. After relocating to other settlements, Treat returned to Milford. He later became governor of the state. Treat is one of three Connecticut governors buried in Milford cemetery.

In 1852 Flagg & Baldwin opened “The Straw Shop” on Factory Lane opposite Fowler Field. It was one of the first industries of its kind in the country. Miss Mary Wells was brought here by the company to teach the sewing of braid into the hat.

Where could you get your first fifteen cent hamburger in Milford? Henry’s on Cherry Street.

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