Is your trash can too big?

The Milford Public Works Department is asking residents to make sure the trash cans they’re putting out to the curb conform to the size regulations.
City officials said they are noticing, since the beginning of the new recycling program, that a lot of residents are purchasing larger garbage cans with hinged lids that are over the 42-gallon limit.

Oversized cans and cans with hinged lids are prohibited for garbage collection because city workers have to pick them up manually.
There may be confusion because the recycling containers have hinged lids and are quite large. But the recycling containers are hoisted and dumped using a truck mechanism. They are not picked up by the people who work for the Public Works Department.
City officials said they don’t mean to be difficult, but rather are protecting their staff from injury and insuring that trash collection is completed efficiently throughout the city.
Residents who have purchased oversized trash cans or cans with lids will have to replace them. According to city ordinance, trash cans may not be larger than 42 gallons in size, and must have a removable lid and two handles. Also, when stuffed, they may not exceed 60 pounds in weight.