Incumbent Kim Rose and challenger Ray Vitali running for 118th district seat

Kim Rose, incumbent State Representative, was officially nominated by members of the 118th Democratic Convention to run for a third term in the 118th State House district, and Raymond Vitali, a former school principal and member of the Board of Aldermen, was nominated to run for the seat on the GOP ticket.

Kim Rose, Democrat

“I will never rest on my accomplishments,” Rose said at the 118th convention. “There is still much to be done to repair our economy and get good paying jobs out there for the people.”

Rose said she will strive to improve the state to make it more business friendly. She touted her victories in securing funding for local non-profits such as Bridges, the YMCA and Founder's Park.

Alderman Bryan Anderson rose to nominate Rose during the convention. He spoke of her long history in Milford and Devon, including her willingness to “stand up for the issues” that impact her constituents.

“Kim Rose best knows her district. When an issue comes before Kim she jumps into action immediately to protect her neighbors,” Anderson said. “After numerous concerns and complaints were raised about housing development and zoning laws Kim moved into action to pass a moratorium in the General Assembly so that 8-30g can be reviewed and done right.

“When residents were concerned about tree trimming by utility companies,” Anderson said, “Kim hosted a public meeting at City Hall to directly allow residents to get answers from the utility companies, afterwards co-sponsoring and passing HB5408 to protect our local trees.”

Rose introduced measures concerning the Statewide Prescription Drug Take-Back Program to “help reduce medication being flushed down into our water supply by allowing people to safely and properly dispose of unwanted medication,” Anderson said in his closing. “Kim knows her people and knows her district. She is ingrained in it.”

Seconding the nomination, Milford Mayor Ben Blake spoke of her volunteer work for the Village of Devon farmers market and her time on Milford Planning and Zoning Board.

“Kim spearheaded projects and causes even before arriving in Hartford,” Blake said. “Now, as our state representative, Kim keeps on the issues on behalf of her constituents, from enacting legislation to protect our local trees to animal welfare and consumer protection.”

Rose is the Assistant Majority Whip in the House of Representatives and is the vice-chair of the Housing Committee. Her other assignments include serving on the Committee on Children and Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Ray Vitali, Republican

Vitali is a retired teacher and school administrator: He was principal of Live Oaks Elementary School and Harborside Middle School.

He’s a city aldermen and served on a number of boards and commissions, including chairing the Board of Directors of Bridges, the local mental health agency. Vitali created Folks on Spokes, a fund raising bike tour for Bridges.

“I'm running because I think I can make a difference in our little corner of the state,” Vitali said.

Republican Town Committee Chairman Paul Beckwith said he thinks Vitali is the ideal candidate.

“We are excited that Ray has decided to run for the 118th,” Beckwith said. “Ray has an impressive résumé and a wealth of experience. Whether it is his many years as an educator and principal in the Milford school system, his work with Bridges addressing mental health issues, his work with the United Way, Folks on Spokes, or his service to the city as an alderman, Ray knows the needs of our community and will work hard to bring common sense solutions to Hartford.”

Vitali said he is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done while keeping in mind what is best for the people in the 118th.

“We need to bring a common sense commitment to Connecticut government,” he said.

His career and city service have taught him to “stick to the issues, keeping them on the front burner until resolve is accomplished,” he said.

Vitali said he also understands education, and said the city and state need to move toward greatness when it comes to educating young people.

“We need to keep our bright young people that we educate in Connecticut, as they are our best natural resource, but they need jobs to go to,” Vitali added.

“We need to know when enough is enough and make Connecticut an affordable state to live and grow our families,” he said. “We need to bring to the people a better understanding of the decision making process while encouraging their participation and involvement in the very process that will have an ever lasting effect on their lives and their children's lives.”