Incentive Housing Zone may be discussed at Milford P&Z

During a recent Planning and Zoning Board meeting, City Planner David Sulkis said the board had not given any feedback regarding a proposal for an Incentive Housing Zone (IHZ).

John P. Guszkwoski, director of planning services for CME Associates, gave the board a presentation at its March 15 meeting about the IHZ and how it might be applied in Milford.

Guszkwoski said it is an overlay district that could apply to different areas in Milford designated for increased housing density. He said the underlying zone would dominate until a specific property is chosen.

At the March 15 meeting, Sulkis said the zone would potentially allow for more affordable housing within walking distance of the train station if such projects met the standards for the floating zone. Such housing might allow the city to earn enough points to achieve a moratorium on future 8-30g affordable housing applications, he said.

Board chairman Anthony Sutton asked the other board members at the May 3 meeting to think about the idea before the next meeting, which takes place tonight (Tuesday).