In Milford, digging out of the snow: Watch video

Saturday’s storm left about 10.5 inches of snow in Milford closer to the coastline, with others reporting up to 14.5 inches, and people all around the city could be found digging out on Sunday morning.

While city officials were worried about high tide last night, fearing bad flooding along the shoreline, Milford Mayor Ben Blake said there were no serious problems.

"The fire department drove the sensitive, low lying shoreline areas around 10 p.m. and reported to me that the conditions were relatively calm,” Blake said Sunday morning. “As of 11:15 [last night], no reports of flooding had been reported to dispatch.”

Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi said there were no major storm incidents that the fire department responded to.

"Luckily we only experienced very minor flooding in Milford's low-lying shorline areas during high tide last evening," he said.

"The biggest concern at this point is the safety and well-being of our citizens," Fabrizi added. "We continue to recommend that if you are elderly or have a health condition, to leave the snow removal to a professional."

Also, fire officials ask residents to ensure that the fire hydrants on their street remain clear of  snow and to use caution while driving.